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Solstice at Newgrange today

 A few years ago I wrote a story (which turned into a series) about Jim and Blair in Ireland: The Irish Saga.

In the first story in the series, Three Spirals, I wrote about Jim and Blair going inside Newgrange to witness the winter solstice sunrise.

If you've read Three Spirals you might be interested in this short video from RTE news today. Today, of course, is the winter solstice, and the lucky lottery winners got to go inside the chamber to see the sunrise, as Jim and Blair did. And of course many others gathered outside, enjoying the celebratory atmosphere. This is a lovely bit of film, that really captures the atmosphere:


I've been to Newgrange myself many times, though not on the solstice. It is a magical place, and very close to my heart.

Happy solstice to you all :-)

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