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Story news - a couple of updates at AO3

 In case anyone fancies a look, I've updated a couple of works at AO3.

1. Haikus!
Those of you who have been on my flist for lo, these many years may remember that, back in 2006, I went through a period of writing haikus for every episode. They were silly little things, meant to be humorous, and to my joy made a few people laugh :-). I only ever wrote Seasons 1 - 3 though. But! As of yesterday, Season 4 has been added. This entailed some recent re-watching of Season 4 episodes, oh how I suffer for my art.

You can find the complete set of haikus for all four seasons here: The Slash and H/C Addict's Seasons 1 to 4 (Haikus)

2. Fathers' Day
I've today added a chapter to a WIP which I have not updated for a long time: Fathers' Day. This is a very sad, extremely sad and did I mention SAD story. Please heed the warnings and only read if you don't mind angst up the wazoo. The two things I can promise are that I will continue writing until it is done (slow going though that may be, as evidenced by the time between this update and the last) and that, dysfunctional though Jim and Blair's relationship is, there will be a resolution with at least a glimmer of hopefulness eventually.

Here it is, if you are feeling brave: Fathers' Day

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