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Just letting people know that, after many years at LJ (the last few being very quiet years, as I gradually drifted away from fandom), I've decided to decamp to Dreamwidth. I've had an account there a long time, but I've now made sure to shift the rest of my LJ entries there. Please come friend me if you want to keep in touch about fannish things (including the fact that I have recently started writing again, and have a new, long story on the go). I probably won't post here at LJ any more (although I will likely still lurk).

You can find me here: https://fluterbev.dreamwidth.org/

Alternatively I am on Facebook under my RealName (tm) - if you want to add me there instead, drop me a PM and I will send you the deets. I avoid linking my fannish activities with RL though, so be warned. Facebook is where I talk about day-to-day life, politics and music, pretty much exclusively.